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July 2018: please tell your friends and family to get the Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 mod for RO1. The game needs more players! Despite it being almost 10 years old, it still gets new updates somewhat regularly thanks for dedicated modders. The most recent update was published earlier July (that was version 8.0.10). It added a couple new constructable pieces; Dragon's Tooth and Vehicle Pool. There were also quite a few smaller adjustments, like how supply caches must now have longer distance between them to prevent "hax" by those who just build instead of fight (it’s like with those types of persons who hunt for welcome bonuses in different gaming platforms by learning how to search the right thing in a foreign language, like for example googling "Suomalainen casino" could find welcome bonuses offered in Finland).

Karelian Front

As in official website of Karelian Front is written, the mod is aimed on the Finnish Continuation War that was fought between years 1941–1944. Karelian Front is a Red Orchestra 2 mod. Player can choose if he wants to fight in Finnish or in Soviet side.

Officially development of Karelian Front started in late 2011. Modders plan on making maps that are varied and not limited to just winter maps. Makers of Karelian Mod hint about offering a fair share of guerilla tactics action in the fields of Karelian isthmus, forests of Ladoga and swamps of East Karelia.

Karelian Front will be opened after Rising Storm and In Country: Vietnam have been released.

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