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July 2018: please tell your friends and family to get the Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45 mod for RO1. The game needs more players! Despite it being almost 10 years old, it still gets new updates somewhat regularly thanks for dedicated modders. The most recent update was published earlier July (that was version 8.0.10). It added a couple new constructable pieces; Dragon's Tooth and Vehicle Pool. There were also quite a few smaller adjustments, like how supply caches must now have longer distance between them to prevent "hax" by those who just build instead of fight (it’s like with those types of persons who hunt for welcome bonuses in different gaming platforms by learning how to search the right thing in a foreign language, like for example googling "Suomalainen casino" could find welcome bonuses offered in Finland).

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Heroes of Stalingrad will be released in September 13th 2011. Tripwire Interactive, that is the developement company behind RO series, published the precise release date for HOS in June 21st. This game will be focused geographically on Stalingrad and its battles during July 1942 and February of 1943.

Tripwire Interactive chants that Heroes of Stalingrad will deliver another detailed tactical shooter game for fans of realism. Unlike in Ostfront 41–45, the forthcoming game will include single player campaign. Single player can be played as a German soldier, but it is not yet known if player can choose to be in Russian side at all.

There are some nome new features in game. There will be cover system for individual player. Character is able to shoot for example behind corner or on top of window frame without exposing himself. There’s been made enhancements to squad command system. Weapons are redefined so that ballistics and also bullet penetration will be more realistic than in RO:HOS or its modifications. Soldiers will have morale at least in single player campaign, but this feature might affect also multiplayer maps if there are bots. One major enhancement in HOS compared to OST is new game engine — Heroes of Stalingrad uses Unreal Engine 3.

Updated 18th March 2010: In Game Developer’s Conference Voodoo Extreme interviewed Tripwire Interactive’s Alan Wilson and John Gibson. They revealed that Heroes of Stalingrad will have a new game mode, called Countdown. Game will also have improved Territory and Firefight modes. Beside these things also dozen new high resolution screenshots were published in Voodoo Extreme’s article, which can be accessed directly from here.

Updated 12th June 2010: Tripwire Interactive informs that Sam Hulick will compose soundtrack for Heroes of Stalingrad. Hulick has previously made music for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 games. Tripwire has briefed the composer about this project by wishin that soundtrack should be fresh and different from other music usually heard in this genre. Heroes of Stalingrad has a dynamic music system, that’ll adapt to emotional mood of current situation. Russian and German side will have completely different soundtrack. Demo version of early composition can be listened from Tripwire’s YouTube channel.

Updated 19th June 2010: Tripwire revealed that it will do some semi-public beta testing for HOS later in 2010. Game production is on schedule.

Updated 4th July 2010: There’s plans to publish in 2011 a modification called In Country: Vietnam for HOS. This Vietnam mod is under development by Pop Smoke. It’ll extend the existing World War 2 setting of Red Orchestra into the second half of the 20th century. Game will focus on intensity of the small infantry-centric combats. More information about this project can be found from address

Updated 19th November 2010: Game will be published in 1st quarter of 2011. This information comes from Steam shop’s official HOS page.

Updated 24th April 2011: Game’s release date has not yet been revelead. It is rumoured to arrive on 3rd quarter of this year.

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